Friday, September 15, 2017

L.A. De Valk Style is Coming Soon

I am in the process of getting my online store ready for business. I have been diligently learning new skills to produce an awesome product line. I anticipate the final reveal will be in October.  I will update you each week on this blog. Leave a comment below if I have piqued your interest. 


By the way, CLUE #1 is my design. 

(*Notice to the self-proclaimed craft & hobby police: I have purchased the Commercial License for thousands of fonts and graphics. I, L.A. De Valk, only sell what I have the legal right to sell.)   


  1. Does anyone have a guess, theory, or idea of what clue #1 indicates?

  2. This is the latest trend in business and due to busy life and globalization online businesses are having a huge margin in the coming future.